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Anti Violence Letter Writing Campaign


Join us at the St. Barnabas Community Resource Center on Wednesday, August 16, 2023, as we come together to take a stand against gun violence. We are hosting an event to support and sign letters to PA U.S. Senators Casey and Fetterman, urging them to prioritize critical legislative measures in the fight against gun violence.

  • Our letters focus on four key legislative priorities, which have been endorsed by the five Pennsylvania Episcopal bishops in their Pastoral Letter:

  • One Handgun A Month: Implementing this restriction will significantly curtail straw purchasing and illegal handgun trafficking, reducing the influx of illegal handguns into our streets and neighborhoods, ultimately saving lives from gun murder.

  • Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO): We advocate for judicial orders that temporarily remove firearms from individuals deemed dangerous to themselves and/or others. ERPOs can be sought by family members, neighbors, friends, and police from a judge.

  • Prohibition on Assault Weapons and Large Capacity Magazines: We call for the prohibition of certain military-style semi-automatic firearms designed for rapid and powerful firing with magazines of thirty or more bullets. These assault weapons pose a severe threat to civil society and are often used in mass gun murders.

  • Prohibition on Ghost Guns: Ghost guns, assembled from parts or kits without identifying markings, present a major challenge for law enforcement in solving gun crimes. We support the prohibition of such firearms to enhance public safety.

Together, let us make our voices heard and take a meaningful step towards creating safer communities free from gun violence. Join us at the St. Barnabas Community Resource Center to be part of this vital initiative. Your support can make a difference!


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